Beaman Ginger Cats new!

(acquired March 26, 2013)

Cats- Ginger

Father Larry. Mother Geraldine, brother Boris and sister Lucille, with Baby Helly and twins Pickle and Sprout

JP Gray Striped Cats (aka Grayish Cats) new!

Cats- Gray striped

(single baby and twins added- new!)

Chantilly Cats (FL)

Father: Maurice, Mother Myriam, Brother Christian. Sister Esme, Baby Jacques and Baby Jayne* (updated 042612- brother figure added!)

Charcoal Cats (JP) + CC Tuxedo Triplets

unnamed JP Characters + CC Tuxedo Triplets: Peppermint, Angelica, and Midnight

Cheshire Grey Cats (FL)

Cats- Gray Cheshire

Father (Butler), Mother Grace (Performer Extraordinaire) and Sister Constance (two versions from the School Pupils set- new!- and Music Lesson set)

Cream Cats- Dante Wedding Couple (FL)

Newlyweds Troy and Arabella

Cream Cats- Keats (FL)

Father Rosseti, Mother Bronte, Brother T.S. Elliot, Sister Shelley, Baby Larkin and twins Clare and Dylan

Cream Cat Grandparents (FL)

Grandfather Milton and Grandmother Louise Carroll ♥

Fisher Striped Cats (CC)

Father Schoeder, Mother Isabel, Brother Linus, Sister Lauren, and twins Michelle and Eddie

Fisher Striped Cat Grandparents (CC)

Grandfather Tom and Grandmother Diana

Golightly Silk Cats (EU)

Father Fred, Mother Holly, Brother Toby, Sister Tiffany, Baby girl with pink nose(!) and twins Gilly and Ginni

Macavity Cats Celebration Family (FL)

Father Alonzo, Mother Cassandra, Older Brother Mistoffeless, Older Sister Grizabella, Brother Rumpus, Sister Asparagus and Baby Skimble

Macavity Cats (EU)

Macavity Cats (JP)

Father Alonzo, Mother Cassandra, Brother Rumpus, Sister Asparagus and twins Electra and Etcetera

Macavity Cat Grandparents (FL)

Merryweather Cats (FL)

Mother Madeline (of Village Boutique fame) and Sister Charlotte (who likes to go shopping)

Persis Persian Cats (EU)

Father Septimus, Mother Salome, Brother Nolly, Sister Sadie and Baby Marcus

Whiskers Cats (CC)

Father Sebastian, Mother Katrina, Brother Branson, Sister Amelia, twins Jeremy and Mallory, with cousin Carly (in red)

Whiskers Cats (EU)

Father Michael, Mother Diana, Brother Lucas, Sister Margot and Baby Heidi

Whiskers Cat Grandparents (EU)



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